Have you been wanting to take your oral health more seriously? Other than brushing and flossing carefully and regularly every day, there are a few more things you can do to improve your oral health. One of the major changes being switching from a normal toothbrush to the makeO toothsi electric toothbrush.

While many remain unknown to the obvious advantages of an electric brush, there are many to benefit from. Electric toothbrushes reach corners and places in the mouth that are difficult to reach with normal brushes. They are known to be more effective in cleaning plaque and ensuring healthy teeth and gums in general.

But why the makeO toothsi electric toothbrush? Here are 5 features of the toothsi electro that will blow your mind!

1. 5 in 1 cleaning modes

Toothsi Electro boasts of 5 in 1 cleaning modes which are namely, Clean, Polish, White, Gumcare, and Sensitive. Clean effectively removes plaque and bacteria, Polish whitens and brightens the teeth, White removes stains from the enamel, Gumcare lightly massages your gums, and Sensitive gently cleans your teeth and cares for your gums!

2. Smart timer

Our electric toothbrush features a 2-minute smart timer, which is the perfect amount of time you need to spend brushing your teeth. This timer comes with a 30-second snooze to remind you to switch sides as well! Now isn’t that smart? By using this timer efficiently, you can brush your teeth in the best way to avoid maximum dental plaque and other teeth and gum issues.

3. Enamel-safe with SONIC technology

Made with nylon bristles or Dupont soft bristles that use SONIC technology, our toothsi electro works on 4000 vibrations per minute which reach every nook and cranny and cleans your mouth excellently.

4. Water-proof and travel friendly

With Toothsi Electro you never have to worry about your electric toothbrush getting damaged with water contact as it is entirely waterproof. And it is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your mouth, has a wonderful grip and is lightweight which makes it exceptionally travel-friendly too!

5. Replaced heads

With toothsi electro’s replaceable heads, you can always swap heads and never be stuck to one option. We all know that every few months one is supposed to change their toothbrush. This is true for an electric toothbrush as well! So once you feel like enough time has passed using one toothbrush head, you can always replace the head and carry on using your favourite toothsi electro!

With toothsi electro, you can expect 5x plaque reduction with minimal effort. And you will never have to worry about its battery as one charge can make this smart toothbrush last up to a week! With its premium look and sleek design, it is easy to carry around anywhere and can be the saviour you need for your teeth!

To learn more about toothsi electro and buy it online, visit our website today! 

About makeO toothsi

Not only does makeO toothsi make smart electric toothbrushes, this leading oral care brand in India also makes aligners, aligner care products, teeth whitening products and oral care products too. makeO toothsi provides a one-of-a-kind at-home service for smile correction using the latest technology, the best oral care experts and the modern alternative to metal braces: makeO toothsi clear aligners.

Every makeO toothsi product is science-backed, expert-approved and highly effective at providing the best oral care solutions for your smile. Keep your teeth gleaming and bright without teeth whitening kits, and fix your smile with our extraordinary invisible aligners. And for the best oral and gum health, elevate your brushing routine with toothsi electro smart toothbrush!

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