Hair Growth Serum is a cutting-edge mixture that was created to provide your hair with some remarkable benefits, not simply as a fashion statement. Hair serums have quickly gained popularity and are now the main player in hair care.

The world of hair styling sometimes seems to revolve on hair serum. Want silky hair after taking a shower? Use a serum. Considering heat styling your hair and wondering how to protect it? Choose a serum! Want lustrous locks all day? The remedy is the serum!

Since every hair styling tip circles back to it, it’s critical to understand how to apply hair serum properly and without making mistakes. For you to remember the next time you apply it, here are some dos and don’ts.

What Exactly Is a Hair Serum and How Does It Benefit Your Hair?

You’ve probably heard of the greatest hair serum’s seemingly infinite list of advantages, but do you actually understand what it does and how it functions? Hair serum is a silicon-based liquid that forms a protective coating over your hair strands, in contrast to hair oils, which function by infusing into the hair follicles and scalp to repair any damage and rejuvenate the strands.

This coating helps control hair and lessen frizz as well as serving as a barrier against heat, grime, and other contaminants. Additionally, this serum layer reflects light, giving your hair a subtle gloss that you can only receive after visiting the salon. Amino acids found in hair serum are fantastic for your hair.

By giving each hair strand nutrition and hydration and repairing the follicles and gaps in the hair shafts at the roots of the hair, they lessen the likelihood of hair breakage. The serum’s liquid consistency also gives the hair excellent lubrication, smoothing it out and making it much simpler to handle.

1. How Can You Tell if You Need To Use a Serum?

It’s that simple: just by looking at your hair, you can know if you need a serum. Applying a hair serum will give your hair the equivalent of a hair spa treatment if you’ve noticed that it’s been looking quite dull lately or that it’s been losing that bounce.

If you frequently use heat on your hair or tug at your brush, these are also indications that you need to give your hair a little regeneration juice.

If you’re already using a serum, why not think ahead to when you’ll need it most and stock up if you’re traveling on a tropical summer vacation or are aware that your hair will make you appear slightly electrocuted during the monsoon season, somewhat like Monica from Friends!

2. Preparation Before Applying Serum

Alert! Do not disregard it! This is crucial to make sure that your serum is working as hard as it can for your hair. Make careful to wash your hair before applying serum rather than afterwards.

The entire purpose of applying this product to your hair is to serve as a shield against the potentially dangerous elements in the environment. This is utterly ineffective on unclean hair because it includes the filth and toxins that you’re seeking to avoid. The shampoo and conditioner you use are an additional component to take into account.

In order to ensure that everything you use on your hair functions well together, try to choose a line of products that also includes a serum. Make sure your items don’t have any components that work against one another.

  • Do: Choose the Best Candidate for You

Are you unsure about how to use hair serum? Here is how to get going. Depending on your hair kind and ailment, choose a hair serum. The TIGI Control Freak serum is the product to use if you want to eliminate frizz. The best serum for dry hair can also be made from it. Its thin composition reduces frizz and resists humidity to keep hair sleek and sleek. The Toni & Guy Shine Gloss Serum is the product to use if you desire lustrous hair.Your hair will seem polished and shiny since it adds luster and controls flyaways right away.

  • Avoid Applying It to Your Scalp

Hair serum has no effect on the scalp and is only intended to be used on the lengths of your hair. It will result in excessive obstruction and buildup if applied to it. Apply hair serum to your hair from the middle of the shaft all the way to the ends the next time you utilize it to benefit your tresses.

  • Do – Heat Protect With It

Serum is the solution if you require a heat protectant because it acts as a shield to guard hair from heat damage. The TIGI Control Freak Serum, which also functions as a thermal protectant to shield hair from high temperatures, is the ideal option to use before heat styling. The best thing to use to ensure that your hair is always prepared and ready for even the most daring and unconventional styles is hair serum if you utilize your hair as a means of creative expression.

3. Don’t overuse hair serum to promote hair growth

With hair serum, a little bit goes a long way. Over-serum application can turn that natural shine into pure grease. Therefore, massage it into the lengths of your hair using a quantity equal to a coin. Mid-length hair just needs one pump of serum, but long hair may need a few more.

There are various kinds of hair serums with various purposes. For instance, there are serums for both hair growth and dry hair. This is why it’s crucial to carefully read and follow the application instructions on the back of the package before using the serum to understand how it should be used.

4. Apply to a freshly washed scalp.

Stop right there if you skipped a hair wash because serum sounded like a quick fix. When hair is oily and dirty, adding a layer of hair serum just makes the problem worse, weighs the hair down, and traps dirt inside.

Instead, as we previously indicated, for maximum results, apply serum to clean, damp hair.

Also keep in mind that when the hair is very dry, the serum absorbs quickly and may require a second application. So, if your hair starts to feel dry in the middle of the day, use a single pump to revive its shine.

5. Avoid over-treating fine hair

When using serum on fine hair, use caution. If too much of it is used, the hair becomes very limp and oily. If you have thin hair, just one pump applied to the lengths will make it look thicker and more youthful.

Post application hair care

What do you do after applying the serum on your hair? These are a few suggestions to make sure you make the most of your serum because we’re here to help you every step of the way.

  • To get rid of any knots or tangles in your hair, brush it lightly.
  • To make sure that any dirt or dust particles have a tougher time adhering to the hair and scalp, blow-dry your hair.
  • Straighten and style with confidence knowing that your hair follicles are fortified enough to withstand any harm that might otherwise be done to your hair by utilizing heat.

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