Beta alanine is a popular supplement commonly used by athletes to improve their athletic performance. It is lauded for its many benefits and is believed to increase carnosine production, which plays a crucial role in athletic performance. Histidine levels are usually high in your muscles, which hinders carnosine production. Beta alanine supplementation can help boost carnosine levels in your muscles, thus enhancing your workouts.

Why are high carnosine levels important for athletes?

Carnosine plays a major role in the body that can help improve athletic performance. One of its primary benefits is that it helps neutralize muscle acid buildup during high-intensity exercises. This can help delay fatigue, thus enhancing workout performance.

Moreover, carnosine has antioxidant properties; it can neutralize free radicals and guard cells from oxidative stress. Some studies have shown that carnosine can influence muscle function, recovery and reduce muscle damage after intense workouts.

How beta alanine supplements improve carnosine production

Beta alanine is an amino acid crucial in the synthesis of carnosine found in high concentrations in skeletal muscles. Carnosine acts as an intracellular buffer, which helps regulate pH levels during high-intensity exercises. Beta alanine helps in the production of carnosine in many ways.

Here is how it works;

When you consume beta alanine through food sources or supplements, it becomes available in your bloodstream. It is then actively taken up by muscle cells and combines histidine to form carnosine. The carnosine produced is stored within the muscle cells, where it exerts its multiple physiological functions.

The availability of beta alanine limits the production of carnosine in your body. Therefore, supplementing with beta alanine can significantly increase its concentration in the body, leading to higher carnosine levels in muscle tissues.

Why supplement with beta alanine as an athlete?

Beta alanine helps improve the production of carnosine in your muscles, which ensures improved athletic performance. It helps reduce fatigue and increases endurance in high-intensity exercise. Taking beta alanine supplements increases your time to exhaustion, enhancing your performance.

In short, beta alanine supplements aids you in exercising for longer periods. It is effective for short and long duration workouts and will improve your exercise capacity and muscle endurance.

What are the food sources for beta alanine?

Beta alanine is naturally produced in the liver, but you can also get it from your diet.

These include meats, chicken, pork, poultry, eggs, milk, etc.

Meat: Poultry, beef, pork, and other meats are excellent sources of beta alanine. Chicken breasts also tend to have higher beta alanine levels.

Fish: Some fish types like salmon and tuna, contain high amounts of beta alanine.

Eggs& dairy products: Eggs, milk, and other dairy products like cheese and yogurt also contain beta alanine.

Vegetables: Some vegetables contain beta alanine but in smaller amounts than animal-based sources. Examples include spinach, Brussels sprouts, and seaweed.

Final thoughts

If you seek to boost your beta alanine levels, consider foods such as meats and fish but consult your health care provider about supplementation. The amount of beta alanine in these food sources may not be enough to ensure optimal athletic performance. Therefore, acquire high-quality beta alanine supplements from leading brands, and enjoy improved athletic performance!

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