Do you know about telemedicine? How the telemedicine contributes to the healthcare sector? With the growth and development of the internet, telemedicine has delivered many good results in the healthcare sector.

Now, it is easily possible for patients to access healthcare facilities or consult with their health professional, only with a stable internet connection. This article covers the facts that tell you how telemedicine works online.

Examples of telemedicine connections 

To understand how telemedicine works, you should look at the telemedicine connections given below. Go and check HelpCare to understand how telemedicine works quickly.

Network programmed 

Network connections are often used to link the health clinics remotely to large healthcare facilities, as same as metropolitan facilities. According to the research, around 200 telemedicine network programs provide telemedicine access to over 3000 rural sites.

Point-to-point connections 

Point-to-point connections join the small healthcare centers remotely to the large and central healthcare facilities through high-speed internet.

This telemedicine connection allows the understaffed and smaller clinic to outsource healthcare to doctors at any location within the same health system. The point-to-point connections is common for teleradiology, telepsychiatry, and urgent healthcare services.

Monitoring centre links 

Monitoring centre links are often used for one kind of telemedicine, remote health care monitoring.

This kind of telemedicine builds online connections between the remote monitoring facilities and the patient’s house so that the patient’s health data are easily measured at home and electronically transmitted to the remote medical monitoring facility.

These links take the form of SMS, internet, and telephone connections. Mostly, they are used for monitoring cardiac, pulmonary, and fetal medical history.

Different types of services offered by telemedicine 

Telemedicine is used for a wide variety of healthcare services. Here is a list of some common conditions that primary care doctors treat through telemedicine.

  • Rashes
  • Asthma
  • Bronchitis
  • Skin inflammations
  • Insect bites
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu and colds
  • Allergies, and many more


With the expansion of the internet, telemedicine has come to the healthcare sector. Telemedicine services work broadly by specialty. The healthcare industry needs to use HelpCare telemedicine connections to enable post operation checks in with their patients and ensure they maintain their health.

It is also important for a gynecologist to use the telemedicine solution to offer counselling on birth control. I hope this article is enough information to understand which services are offered by telemedicine solutions or how telemedicine works.

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