What is the success rate of this method?

Changing eating behavior is difficult. All the more so when there is permanent undermining, whether it comes from advertising, parents, friends… Because you have to fight against the pressure of society and family  ! Faced with these pressures, some resist and others crack. Overall, 20% of people lose weight in a stable way, 20% are influenced by their environment and manage their eating habits more or less well. Others fail to change their behavior. But by comparison, this undermining is less important for tobacco, and it is thus easier to quit smoking than to lose weight  ! On the packets of sweets and cakes, it should be indicated “Risk ofhypercholesterolemia !

Besides the relationship to food, do you work on self-image?

We have obese, anorexic , bulimic patients … so we often have to work on self-image . What I tell them is that they don’t have to love the fat under their skin, but they have to love their body , and they don’t have to punish it . They are asked to feel affection for their physique, even if it means expelling the extra pounds. Because you can only really change your behavior if you first reconcile with yourself .

You were talking about anorexia and bulimia. Is hypnosis effective against these eating disorders?

Anorexia and bulimia are disorders that are more difficult to treat , because they involve deep problems of self-image , relationship with parents… If the disorder is very recent, we can intervene with hypnosis. On the other hand, if the problem has been present for many years, and it threatens the vital prognosis, full care, possibly with hospitalization is essential.

Besides weight problems, who is medical hypnosis for?

Medical hypnosis can treat many problems . Addiction to food, tobacco or alcohol. We can intervene on chronic pain, migraines … We also see depressions , phobias … We also treat children and even students who lack self-confidence before an exam. But each therapist has their orientations and preferences, depending on their training.

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