Regenerative Medicine for Patients with Age-Related Retinal Degeneration

Age-Related Retinal Degeneration


You rely on your eyes to experience the world around you. Unfortunately, you might find that your eyesight begins to fail as you get older. Age-related retinal degeneration can impair your quality of life by reducing visibility.

With regenerative medicine, also known as stem cell therapy, on the rise, there may be a natural solution to age-related retinal degeneration. Stem cell treatments have the potential to improve eyesight and protect against future degeneration.

How Stem Cells Work

Stem cells are considered blank slates in the cell reproduction process. They can develop into any type of cell in the human body, including neural cells involved in vision. You see the world around you because your brain interprets your visual input. Therefore, having extra neural cells in the right area could improve your vision.

Stem cell therapy has the ability to repair damaged cells and tissues. This could help your body fight against the effects of age-related retinal degeneration.

Repairing Degenerated Eyesight

Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) are responsible for communications between your eyes and your brain. When RGCs are damaged and stop functioning, they are nearly impossible to repair. That is why age-related retinal degeneration is a progressive condition.

Stem cell therapy can provide your optic nerve with new, healthy RGCs to process visual information. These treatments also may give your body more beneficial compounds that stimulate cell repair. This has the potential to restore and possibly even improve your overall eyesight.

The Potential for Symptom Relief

If you struggle with age-related retinal degeneration, you are probably eager to find a potential solution. Stem cell therapy could be explored as a new alternative option to help alleviate some or all of your symptoms related to this condition.

Blurriness, visual distortions, and partial blindness could be improved or reversed over time with stem cell treatments. This kind of relief would allow you to live your life to the fullest while seeing the things around you, too.

Stem cell therapy is an alternative therapy option for many different medical conditions. For example, it is sometimes used for pain management in patients with chronic and severe conditions.

Neurological degeneration occurs in many diseases, including age-related retinal degeneration. With stem cell therapy, you may be able to improve your nervous system’s functioning and reduce the debilitating symptoms of these conditions.

Natural Treatments

Stem cell treatments are natural and use your body’s own repair and regeneration processes to heal your system. If you often seek natural solutions for your overall health, consider learning more about stem cell therapy for age-related vision problems.

This post was written by a medical professional at At Stemedix we provide access to Regenerative Medicine. Regenerative medicine has the natural potential to help improve symptoms sometimes lost from the progression of many conditions.

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