When seeking out help for your pain, you might head to your local physician who will likely assess your symptoms and may prescribe medication to ease the pain. But what happens if the pain persists and there is no obvious cause for it? Should you continue taking the medication and just hope that the pain will go away over time?

Unfortunately, pain can continue for prolonged periods of time, and some people will suffer with pain every day for months, or even years. For some, the pain will come and go while for others it will be constant and can affect their ability to live a normal life. This type of pain is known as chronic pain, and it may or may not respond to medication. Those who are dealing with ongoing pain may be referred to a pain clinic by their own doctor, or they might decide to search out a pain doctor themselves. But how do you know which pain clinic or pain doctor to visit? Well, according to Utah pain management physicians at KindlyMD, the following paragraphs will give you some idea.

What Traits Should a Good Pain Doctor Have?

All doctors are trained to listen to their patients, but many are extremely busy and do not have more than ten or fifteen minutes to spend with each patient. A good pain doctor will have very good listening skills and will spend time hearing what their patients have to say.

Pain doctors should also be empathetic to their patients’ situations and validate their concerns, rather than being dismissive or telling them there is nothing wrong with them. Patients want to feel that their doctor understands their needs and will support them by offering a variety of treatments that may help.

A good pain doctor will also know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pain management, and that what works for one patient might not be good for another. Those who specialize in the field of pain will have a variety of treatments and therapies that they can recommend, and they will work closely with their patients to understand what their needs are.

Because the field of pain management is advancing all the time, a good pain doctor will be willing to give new treatments and therapies a try. Similarly, they will be interested in new breakthroughs and trials. He or she will want to introduce you to new treatments that could work for you and will explain all possible options in detail, giving you information about the benefits and any potential risks.

How to Choose a Doctor for Pain?

Now you know what traits you should be looking for in a pain doctor, you can ask around for recommendations. Speak to your own doctor or ask people who you know. Chronic pain is common in the United States, so it is very likely that someone you know has the name of a good pain management physician.

When you have a list of doctors or clinics, reach out for information. You can get a good first impression of what to expect based on their communication with you. Check out patient reviews too, and before you make an appointment check your insurance to find out what you are covered for.


A pain doctor can really help when it comes to managing chronic pain, but choosing the right doctor is the key to success. Look for a doctor is passionate about treating pain and who will listen carefully to your concerns.

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