Patient reviews are one of the most powerful marketing tools to acquire new patients. The benefits of patient reviews are apparent: they’re more credible than the advertising you do yourself, they’re cheaper, and they have the potential to reach way more people than any ad you could pay forever could. We’ve put together five tips to help your facility get positive patient reviews so that your reputation is strong with every potential new patient who searches online to learn about other people’s experiences with your facility.

1.   Engage in a Mock Survey

Acquiring positive reviews requires the provision of quality care and a responsive facility. Engage in mock surveys to help you take a fresh look at your organization’s systems and strengths and identify areas where improvement is necessary. Hiring a professional with experience conducting the nursing home mock survey  will allow you to test your system and evaluate your staff to identify what needs attention and change.

You can use this information to modify your plan or improve on what you have been doing. You may be surprised by what may come up when conducting a post-acute care facility mock survey. The result will be a comprehensive review to improve patient satisfaction and obtain more reviews from patients who have left the hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF). Consequently, you can be sure of receiving glowing reviews if you get started now! Contact an expert today to learn more about effectively handling a post-acute care facility mock survey.

2.   Ensure Compliance Before Annual Recertification

Before the hospital can claim accredited status, every provider of post-acute care must be recertified annually by The Joint Commission (TJC). One factor that TJC evaluates in the recertification process is patient satisfaction. Ensure you comply by assessing your facility for compliance before your annual recertification.

That way,  when it comes time for your yearly accreditation, you will be able to address any pending issues to maintain your certification as a Joint Commission accredited provider. In addition, this could potentially help you avoid incurring fines or penalties because of an unmet standard during the recertification process. By achieving these high standards, you are sure of more 5-star reviews, which is crucial to protecting your reputation.

3.   Identify Potential Risks

Identifying potential risk areas in your facility that may put you in a defensive position is crucial. Seek out your facility’s most passionate and valued team members and ask them what changes they’d like to effect. It’s critical to note these identifiable risks and incorporate them into your action plan. Use social media as an outlet to answer questions, but be careful not to post anything negative or critical on these sites without vetting it first with your legal team.

Identify any weak points in your care process. There are many resources available to help identify potential risks at your facility. Whether occupational hazards, compliance violations, or patient safety incidents, identifying these areas before patients do will allow you to prepare accordingly so no one can accuse you of being negligent. Respond quickly: Quickly address the issue head-on. Consequently, you can avoid negative reviews and increase your chances of getting positive ones by addressing issues promptly.

4.   Increase Residents’ and Family Members’ Satisfaction

Providers should maintain a good relationship with all members of the organization. That includes not only staff and caregivers but also residents and family members. Listen when they have problems or complaints, apologize if mistakes occur, thank them for feedback and suggestions, avoid sarcasm or condescension, and try to see what you’re doing through their eyes. If there are negative reviews, address the complaint immediately and politely. You can achieve that by responding on social media or emailing them directly.

Prompt and effective responses will show that you care about your customers’ needs and can promptly address any problem that may arise. You want people coming back to your post-acute provider facility again and again, so it’s vital that every single person feels valued, respected, appreciated, and understood. Whether online or in person, you cannot underestimate the power of empathy.


Quality and positive reviews are critical in business, especially in post-acute care and SNF facilities. To get quality reviews, the patient must be satisfied with the care they received from you or your staff. Conducting a mock survey with an experienced team of professionals can help you identify what may need improvement and how to remedy it. Being consistent and building relationships with patients is key to getting good reviews. The rule of thumb is that if you want quality reviews for a post-acute provider facility, provide quality care!

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