Toenail fungus is not a severe health issue. On the other hand, a fungal infection can destroy the appearance of your nails and create pain by lifting the nail away from the nail bed. Furthermore, fungal infections are notoriously difficult to eradicate. Most of the time, the fungal toenail is a condition that needs to be managed rather than cured.

Fungi infecting the nail

Onychomycosis, often known as toenail fungal infection, is caused by the invasion of a tiny organism that flourishes in warm, moist settings. Fungal spores exist in the air; they will grow if they drop on a receptive surface, such as your toe. They feed on the nail tissues and burrow into the skin beneath them. As fungal debris builds, the nail thickens and may lift off the nail bed. Once your nail has been elevated off the nail bed, it will not reattach, and no new nail will develop from that area of the nail bed. Your nail, on the other hand, will continue to grow from the root at the base.

Toenail fungus diagnosis

A variety of illnesses can present as fungal infections. The nail thickens and yellows as it ages. Psoriasis can cause flaking of the nail and surrounding skin. Injuries can cause bruising beneath the nail. Nail polish chemicals can also discolour the nail. But you don’t want to wait until your toenail has become nasty and has lifted off the nail bed. You should see a foot doctor as soon as you notice a nail change.

Only a lab test on a toenail scrape can confirm if the fungus is to blame for your nail deformation. Unfortunately, misdiagnosing toenail fungus can waste time and money on ineffective over-the-counter treatments.

How to Keep Your Toes Safe

The information below can assist if you’re attempting to get rid of a fungal infection or trying to avoid developing one.

Wear perspiration-wicking socks. Contrary to popular belief, acrylic is far superior to cotton at wicking away moisture.

Use antifungal foot powder daily.

Avoid shoes that restrict your feet’s ability to breathe or that press on your toes.

Wear sandals or flip-flops in the gym or pool showers to avoid infection.

Treatments for toenail fungus

There are numerous therapies for fungal infections, each with a different cost and effectiveness. To be truly effective, the antifungal medication must penetrate the nail and, in some cases, the nail bed.

Over-the-counter medications. Antifungal medicines are widely available and can be put on and under the nail using the same type of brush used for lacquer. They may enhance the appearance of fungal nails, but they do not cure the problem. There is no single product that is superior.

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