physical work or in front of the screen, false movement, bad position to sleep or pinched nerve… The causes of low back pain can be multiple and it is first important to prevent them . relieve back pain

You have the choice between a hot water bottle or a cushion filled with cherry stones to be heated in the microwave (let the heat act for about twenty minutes three times a day, without direct contact with the skin to relieve back pain).

Or self-adhesive heating patches that you will find in pharmacies. These diffuse heat over half a day and you can move around with them, which is quite practical.

Otherwise, a hot shower or a good bath will help you relax your muscles and relieve back pain. Especially if you dilute a few drops of essential oil of arnica or harpagophytum.

Relieve back pain with herbal medicine

To relieve back pain, certain plants are effective when used in massage or even orally in homeopathy.

This is the case of arnica , a pretty yellow mountain flower renowned for its powerful analgesic properties. Known to doctors since Antiquity, it relieves, among other things, tendonitis, osteoarthritis and muscle pain. For a faster effect, ask someone close to massage you with arnica gel or with tiger balm, another popular remedy. Otherwise, you can practice self-massage !

Absolutely keep moving

When you have back pain, unless it’s totally impossible, you have to keep moving so as not to stiffen the muscles and make the situation worse. The ideal is to continue your usual activities – especially sports – by simply avoiding positions that are too painful.

To untie the spine, you can use a large physio ball (which you will find in a sports store or on the net). To do this, sit on the ball, and start a slight rotational movement with your feet on the ground, describing an imaginary circle slowly over about fifteen centimeters. This exercise will mobilize your pelvis and relax the muscles around your vertebrae.

learn to meditate

Or how to relieve back pain through the mind . In chronic back pain, two mechanisms come into play.

First the defensive reaction of the body against pain. This makes us tense up and stiffen instinctively and causes contractures. (We repeat, you have to keep moving even when you have back pain).

Then, the brain can feed the pain and its chronicization, in particular because of anxiety and stress. Our way of apprehending pain can therefore feed it!

Meditating will, on the contrary, reduce the pain by soothing the negative emotions that accompany and accentuate it. We can thus change our relationship to pain through meditation. It will also allow you to relax the whole body.

Consult, even remotely

If the pain persists despite the various natural remedies and you still do not know how to relieve back pain, medication may be considered. But it is important to seek the advice of a doctor , especially when you cannot go to the physiotherapist or osteopath.

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